Research groups

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The group conducts research in Artificial Intelligence, including Automated Reasoning, Search Algorithms, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Multi-Agent Systems, and their applications.
Nicola Assolini
PhD student (Department Computer Science)
Alberto Castellini
Temporary Assistant Professor (Department Computer Science)
Matteo Cristani
Associate Professor (Department Computer Science)
Giulio Mazzi
Research Assistants (Department Computer Science)
Claudio Tomazzoli
Temporary Assistant Professor (Department Computer Science)
Edoardo Zorzi
Scholarship holder (Department Computer Science)
Maria Paola Bonacina
Full Professor (Department Computer Science)
Ferdinando Cicalese
Full Professor (Department Computer Science)
Alessandro Farinelli
Full Professor (Department Computer Science)
Luca Pasetto
Temporary Professor
Tewabe Chekole Workneh
PhD student (Department Computer Science)
Maddalena Zuccotto
PhD student (Department Computer Science)
Topic Research area
Intelligent Agents Sistemi intelligenti Artificial intelligence
Algorithms for Bioinformatics Bioinformatica e informatica medica Life and medical sciences
Bioinformatics and Natural Computing Bioinformatica e informatica medica Life and medical sciences
Formal methods and theory of security Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza Formal methods and theory of security
Network security Ingegneria del Software e Sicurezza Network security
Decision Tree Optimization Sistemi intelligenti Machine learning
Automated Reasoning Sistemi intelligenti Artificial intelligence
Rappresentazione della conoscenza Sistemi intelligenti Artificial intelligence
AI, Robotics & Automatic Control Sistemi robotici e automazione Sistemi robotici e automazione
Multiagent Systems Sistemi intelligenti Artificial intelligence
Pattern Recognition Sistemi intelligenti Machine learning
Software Verification Informatica teorica Logic
Title Managers Sponsors Starting date Duration (months)
COREWOOD - Riposizionamento competitivo del la filiera del legno Franco Fummi Regione del Veneto Nov 7, 2017 36
GHOTEM - Global House Thermal & Electrical Energy Management Franco Fummi Regione del Veneto Nov 7, 2017 36
INTCATCH- Development and application of Novel, Integrated Tools for monitoring and managing Catchments Alessandro Farinelli Unione Europea Jun 1, 2016 44
Integrating automated reasoning in model checking: towards push-button formal verification of large-scale and infinite-state systems - Design and integration of proof engines for program analysis Maria Paola Bonacina Ministero dell'Istruzione dell'Università e della Ricerca Sep 22, 2008 24
EXPO-AGRI - EXtra-field Plant Observation for monitoring and forecast of agricultural infections - Joint Projects 2015 Davide Quaglia Agricontrol snc di Balbo e Secco, Ateneo, Centro di sperimentazione e assistenza agricola - CERSAA Feb 1, 2016 24
Rich-model toolkit: an infrastructure for reliable computer systems Maria Paola Bonacina Unione Europea Oct 30, 2009 48
Study and development of machine learning techniques for data prediction. Alessandro Farinelli, Luca Di Persio Terranova s.r.l. Oct 22, 2019 12
Support for data acquisition, management and analysis in the context of "smart-land" applications Alessandro Farinelli Smartea s.r.l. Jan 27, 2020 12


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