A new digital space for the lessicographical heritage: The “Tesoro digitale della lessicografia bilingue spagnolo-italiano” (Research unit: UniVr)

Starting date
October 5, 2023
Duration (months)
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Managers or local contacts
De Beni Matteo

The PRIN project A new digital environment for the recovery of lexicographic heritage: The “Tesoro digitale della lessicografia bilingue spagnolo-italiano” (Oct. 5, 2023 - Oct. 5, 2025) consists of the recovery and enhancement of texts that are part of the Italian-Spanish lexicographic heritage from its origins to the early twentieth century. It aims at the digitization of the texts of interest, so that they can be made available in open access.
For these purposes, six units are taking part in the project: Padua (national coordinator: Carmen Castillo Peña), Bologna, Genoa, Pisa, Turin and Verona. Each one of them will be in charge of a specific dictionary that will form part of the “Tesoro”.
The unit of Verona (coord. Matteo De Beni) deals with the transcription, encoding, analysis and electronic publication of the first edition of Lorenzo Franciosini’s “Vocabolario italiano e spagnolo” (Rome, 1620). This work, divided into two volumes (Italian-Spanish / Spanish-Italian), is object of interest for several reasons: 1) because of its success for the two centuries since its publication; 2) because of its didactic purpose with respect to learning Spanish and Italian; 3) for its extension and modernity compared to previous lexicographic works.
The research group of the Verona unit, as well as that of the other units, works with the aim of increasing interest in the study of the history of lexicography and, at the same time, proposes a model of collaboration between research groups from different universities.

Project funded by the “Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca”.

PNRR-funded doctoral fellowship: Rappresentazione e valorizzazione in ambiente digitale del patrimonio lessicografico in lingua spagnola (01.10.2023-30.09.2026). Fellowship holder: Dr. Alessandra La Manna.

PRIN-funded research grant: Franciosini digitale: metodi e applicazioni per la digitalizzazione del Vocabolario bidirezionale italiano-spagnolo (01.02.2024-31.01.2025). Research grant holder: Dr. Amparo Alemany Martínez.

Project participants

Amparo Alemany Martinez
Research Scholarship Holders
Daniel Eduardo Bejarano Bejarano
Temporary Professor
Benedetta Binacchi
Temporary Professor
Francesca Dalle Pezze
Associate Professor
Matteo De Beni
Full Professor
Mariana Gonzalez Zambon
PhD student

Collaboratori esterni

Piero Renato Costa León
Università di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale
Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Emam
Università al-Azhar (جامعة الأزهر‎), Il Cairo (Egitto)
Research areas involved in the project
Lingua e linguistica spagnola
Lexicografía y lexicología


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