Degree in Languages and Culture for Tourism Management

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The aim of the degree course in Language and culture for tourism management is to train graduates- who already have a good command of at least two European languages and knowledge of their respective cultures as well as adequate knowledge of the legal and economic aspects of the companies that operate in the tourism area - and who are able to work already in the world of tourism organisation, meaning that they are familiar, in particular, with new forms of national and international tourism. The degree course is aimed at those students who are interested in tourism phenomena in general and, more particularly, at those who intend to work in both a professional and managerial context.

Course details

Degree type
3 years
Degree class
3 - Undergraduate degree in linguistic mediation studies
Supervisory body
Council for the Degree Course in Foreign Languages and Literatures
Teaching and course administration
Operational unit Foreign Languages and Literatures Teaching and Student Services Unit
Main Department
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Macro area
Subject area
Foreign Languages and Literatures