Joachim Henri N Kokkelmans

JoachimK,  16 aprile 2020
Dottorato in Letterature Straniere, Lingue e Linguistica - 33° ciclo (1 ottobre 2017 - 30 settembre 2020)
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Born in Brussels, I have studied German and Scandinavian literature and linguistics at Ghent University (uGent). My Master's thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Anne Breitbarth, addressed an s-retracting sound shift in /rs/-clusters.
Since my arrival in Verona, I have focused on phonology, more precisely segment inventories and even more precisely, sibilants.

I co-manage the website Linguistics In Verona, and have been working mainly with Prof. Birgit Alber (my main Ph.D. dissertation tutor) as well as Prof. Stefan Rabanus on e.g. German and Alpine language varieties. My Ph.D. dissertation is furthermore co-supervised by Prof. Silke Hamann, Prof. Alessandro Vietti and Prof. Paul Boersma.

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