Bachelor's degree in Languages and literatures for publishing and digital media

Laurea in Lingue e letterature per l'editoria e i media digitali

Course modules

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I semestre - Lingue e letterature straniere from 9/28/20 to 1/9/21
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
B English literature 1 Yvonne Bezrucka (Coordinator)
C Introduction to Digital Humanities Marco Rospocher (Coordinator)
A Italian literature for publishing and digital media Fabio Forner (Coordinator)
B Russian literature 1 Sara Paolini (Coordinator)
A French Language 1 Giovanni Luca Tallarico (Coordinator)
A Spanish Language 1 Francesca Dalle Pezze (Coordinator)
A German Language 1 Andrea Padovan (Coordinator)
B German literature 2 Davide Di Maio (Coordinator)
B English literature 2 Sidia Fiorato (Coordinator)
A Philology of digital texts Stefano Bazzaco (Coordinator)
A Italian philology for publishing Luca Mazzoni (Coordinator)
B Introduction to german Philology Maria Adele Cipolla (Coordinator)
C Programming Languages for the Humanities Marco Rospocher (Coordinator)
B Spanish literature 2 Anna Bognolo (Coordinator)
B French literature 2 Laura Maria Colombo (Coordinator)
B Russian Literature 2 Stefano Aloe (Coordinator)

CuCi IIA from 2/15/21 to 4/1/21
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
C History of Books and Publishing Federica Formiga (Coordinator)

II semestre (Lingue e letterature straniere) from 2/15/21 to 5/29/21
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
A English Language 1 Sharon Hartle (Coordinator)
F Web Design Laboratory Piergiovanna Grossi (Coordinator)
B French literature 1 Stefano Genetti (Coordinator)
B Spanish literature 1 Stefano Neri (Coordinator)
B German literature 1 Massimo Salgaro (Coordinator)
A Russian Language 1 Manuel Boschiero (Coordinator)
B German language 2 Sibilla Cantarini (Coordinator)
B English language 2 Maria Ivana Lorenzetti (Coordinator)
A Cultural Geography Emanuela Bullado (Coordinator)
B Introduction to Romance Philology Chiara Maria Concina (Coordinator)
B Introduction to Slavic Philology Manuel Boschiero (Coordinator)
F Computer-assisted translation laboratory (CAT tools) Matteo Tirelli (Coordinator)
B French language 2 Silvia Domenica Zollo (Coordinator)
B Spanish language 2 Renzo Miotti (Coordinator)
A Linguistics and Information Tecnology Flavio Massimiliano Cecchini (Coordinator)
B Russian Language 2 Daniele Artoni (Coordinator)
A Sociology of culture and communication Sandro Stanzani (Coordinator)
C History of Books and Publishing Federica Formiga (Coordinator)
A History of the Contemporary World Federica Bertagna (Coordinator)

List of teachings with the periods that have not been assigned
years TTA E-lrng Name Teacher or coordinator
F Information Technology not yet allocated