English literature and culture 2 [CInt] (2020/2021)

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II semestre (Lingue e letterature straniere) dal Feb 15, 2021 al May 29, 2021.

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The course, taught in English, aims to provide students with an introduction to British literature from the Renaissance to late Romanticism, focussing on some of the most representative works. The course also aims to introduce the main critical approaches and the main features of literary genres. The overall goal of the course is to provide students with a good level of knowledge of literary history (in terms of historical context, texts, genres, movements and authors) and to develop their critical skills for analysis, argumentation and exposition in English, in relation to various typologies of literary texts in their historical-cultural context. At the end of the course, students will be able to: - analyse the set texts and place them in their respective historical-cultural contexts; - describe the texts in a structured and informed way, taking into account literary conventions and applying an informed critical approach; - discuss literary topics in English in a clear and consistent way.