Semester course - A2 level - [Precorso intensivo 1] (2020/2021)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Carmen Zannol
Carmen Zannol
Academic sector
CLA/ITA - Lingua Italiana
Language of instruction
1° semestre italiano L2 dal Oct 5, 2020 al Dec 11, 2020.

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

Lo studente al termine del corso, riesce a comprendere frasi isolate ed espressioni di uso frequente relative ad ambiti di immediata rilevanza (ad es. informazioni di base sulla persona e sulla famiglia, acquisti, geografia locale, lavoro). Riesce a comunicare in attività semplici e di routine che richiedono solo uno scambio di informazioni semplice e diretto su argomenti familiari e abituali. Riesce a descrivere in termini semplici aspetti del proprio vissuto e del proprio ambiente ed elementi che si riferiscono a bisogni immediati.


Understands words and
usage expressions
Very frequently
related to what
it concerns him
directly (for
ex. information of
base on his
person and about his
family, shopping,
local geography e
work). Grab
the essential of
messages and
short announcements,
simple and clear.
He can read texts
very short and
simple and find
specifications and
predictable in
use material
daily, such as
programs, menus
and timetables.
Includes letters
simple personal
and short.
It succeeds in
communicate in
simple tasks e
routine that
only require
an exchange of
information on
arguments e
usual activities.
Join short
although usually
does not understand
enough for
to manage to
support the
He knows how to use a series
of expressions and
phrases for
describe with
simple words there
his family and
other people, the
its conditions of
life, his career
school and his
current job (or the
most recent).
He can write
simple notes e
short messages on
concerning needs
immediate. It succeeds
to write a
personal letter
very simple
(e.g., for
to thank

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
R. Bozzone Costa, C. Ghezzi, M. Piantoni Nuovo Contatto A1 Loescher 2014

Assessment methods and criteria

1st TEST: computerized test
composed of:
• listening test (songs mainly
not authentic on issues of the level of
duration of 1 or 2 minutes; 10 questions a
multiple choice or V / F; every answer is worth
2 points (20 points)
• comprehension of the text with 5 questions
V / F; each answer is worth 2 points (10 points)
• understanding the text with 5
multiple choice questions; every answer
worth 2 points; (10 points)
• completion (10 sentences already put
in a block that covers the topics
grammar of the level; 3 choices for
each completion; 2 points for each
completion) (20 points)
• pairing (10 broken sentences
to be completed by selecting i
necessary completions; with 2
distractors) (20 points).
2nd TEST: written composition with
following features:
• textual typology: epistolary text,
narrative text, descriptive text
• track to be played on the computer
• length of the performance between 10 and
the 15 lines
• time available 55 minutes
• evaluation criteria: the
relevance with the trace, correctness
morphosyntactic, spelling, lexicon.
3 ° TEST: oral interview with the
following features:
• to be made in pairs
• simulation of a situation
communication (role play) and description
of images
• duration: 10 - 15 minutes
• evaluation criteria: they will be evaluated
communicative effectiveness, pronunciation,
fluency, correctness
morphosyntactic, the lexicon.