Lezioni Dottorandi (2023/2024)

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Not just Ariosto: on the margins of the canon Compared to the Renaissance theory of Aristotelian unities, Orlando Furioso (1516 and 1532) was completely irregular, but it was reinterpreted in an epic-allegorical key and became a classic by entering the European canon. Many other Italian novels (in prose as well as in octave rhyme) before and after Ariosto do not enter the canon and were forgotten. Various questions arise. What was meant by novel at the time (1530-1570)? What were the other novels? The neo-Aristotelian discussion on the novel, Giraldi, Pigna and Torquato Tasso must be taken into account. Another question. Should Spanish novels be considered even more marginal? Where did Don Quixote come from? Spanish novels were central to the book industry, to the history of reading, to the history of female literacy. More than a history of the novel, there must be an archeology of the novel.

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