Lezioni Dottorandi (2022/2023)

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Anna Cappellotto, Maria Adele Cipolla, Serena Dal Maso, Chiara Melloni
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Verona, Bolzano
Anno accademico 2022/2023 Dottorato di ricerca dal Oct 1, 2022 al Sep 30, 2023.

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Learning outcomes

This course aims to familiarize the students with the phenomenon of nominalization and its relevance for the comprehension of the lexicon-syntax interface. To this aim, several core issues in morphosyntax will be touched upon, such as event and argument structure, theta roles and adverbial licensing, within a comprehensive overview of the syntax and semantics of nominalization. Typologically and genealogically distant languages will be considered.


The course will provide students with an overview of foreign language teaching methodologies, with reference to various approaches (audiolingual, communicative, humanistic-affective, etc.). Special attention will be given to analyzing the educational needs of students and identifying learning objectives for students with different characteristics (children, teenagers, adults; students with typical and atypical development, students with special educational needs). The course will describe the most effective teaching techniques for developing receptive skills (listening and reading comprehension) and productive skills (speaking and writing), as well as integrated techniques. Furthermore, there will be a focus on planning a learning unit, selecting, adapting, and creating teaching materials, providing effective feedback to students, and assessment methods (both formative and summative). Finally, an overview will be given on ways to encourage student autonomy in learning and the use of technology and digital resources for language teaching.

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Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consists in the elaboration of an in-depth essay on the topics of the course