Actualization VS Presentism: Postcolonial Theatre and the Classics (2021/2022)

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cod wi: DT000317
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Susanna Zinato
Susanna Zinato
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A.A. 21/22 dottorato dal Oct 1, 2021 al Sep 30, 2022.

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Cf. the general formative targets of the Doctorate's Winter School


The doctoral class will focus on the appropriation of the Classics (in particular, of Greek tragic tragedy) on the part of postcolonial theatre (in particular, from South Africa), from an exquisitely hermeneutical perspective. The latter, in fact, better preserves and enhances the interplay between distance and proximity involved in transcultural intertextuality, which is warped and limited by presentist critical approaches.

References will be made to the following plays:
Athol Fugard's "Orestes" (1978) and Yael Farber's "Molora" (2003).

Selected bibliography:
-Balme, C.B., "Decolonizing the Stage. Theatrical Syncretism and Post-colonial Drama", Oxford U.P., 1999
-Gosh, R. "Reading and Experiencing Plays Transculturally", Comparative Drama, Vol. 46 (3), 259-281
-Wetmore, K. "The Athenian Sun in an African Sky", Mc Farland and Company, 2002
.-Weyenberg, van A., "The Politics of Adaptation. Contemporary African Drama and Greek Tragedy", Rodopi, 2013
- Zinato, S. "The Revolutionary Intertextuality of Molora by Yael Farber", Annali di Ca' Foscari. Serie Occidentale, Vol. 55 (ettembre 2021), 249-268

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