German literature 1 (2020/2021)

Course code
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Massimo Salgaro
Massimo Salgaro
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Academic sector
Language of instruction
II semestre (Lingue e letterature straniere) dal Feb 15, 2021 al May 29, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

The course offers an introduction to the main historical, artistic and literary fea-tures of 20th century German literature, focusing on the works of the most repre-sentative authors of this period. At the end students will have to show a deep knowledge of the topics dealt with during the course, regarding both the his-torical-literary period and the works. Fur-thermore they will have to be able to ana-lyse the texts and clearly show the abilities developed during the course through a suitable competence in German.


As this course is assigned to the students of DH we will focus on the authors and critical theories fostering the link between science and literature, reality and virtuality and quantitative and qualitative methods.
The course is meant to deeply examine the major trends of the twentieth-century German Literature (Naturalismus, Symbolismus, Ästhetizismus, Expressionismus, Neue Sachlichkeit, BRD-Literatur, DDR-Literatur, Post-Wende-Literatur, Kanakliteratur), whose aesthetical features and most significant authors will be both accurately described. Biographical informations about the authors, historical and political contexts, artistic and literary querelles, editorial and publishing aspects will also be provided throughout the analysis of single works and lyrics. The course will be divided into three sections: Fin de Siécle / Early 1900 (1890-1919) and Weimar Republic / End of World War II (1919-1945); “Other” German Language Literatures Austrian Literature, Habsburg Bohemia and Swiss Literature; German and Austrian Literature after 1945 until the post Fall of the Wall (1945-2010 ca.). The bibliography will deal with the three main literary genres – poetry, prose and drama – and will proceed according with the diachronic examination of the German Literary History.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
a cura di F. Fiorentino e G. Sampaolo Atlante della letteratura tedesca (Edizione 1) Quodlibet 2009
Meimberg Florian Auf die Länge kommt es an: Tiny Tales. Sehr kurze Geschichten Fischer 2020 3596192374
Kricheldorf Rebekka Homo Empathicus Cue-Press 2018 8899737576
Daniel Glattauer Le ho mai raccontato del vento del Nord Feltrinelli 2013 8807882167
Peter Weiss L'istruttoria Einaudi 1966
Wiener Oswald Saggi sulla letteratura Fiorini 2008

Assessment methods and criteria

Lecture and exam in Italian language. Italian bibliography, both single-works and Literary History manual. The didactic method will be rather comparative than progressive. The powerpoint and the material will be constantly uploaded on the e-learning. The final program will be announced in May.