Spanish Literature and Culture 1 [Cognomi P-Z] (2020/2021)

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Anna Bognolo, Federica Zoppi
Anna Bognolo
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II semestre (Lingue e letterature straniere) dal Feb 15, 2021 al May 29, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

The main aim of this course, which is part of the Bachelor's degree in Languages and Cultures for Tourism and International Commerce, is to provide the acquisition by students of an appropriate knowledge of Spanish Culture, with particular attention to the historical, geographic and anthropological fields. At the end of the course students will be expected to acquire: - knowledge and comprehension skills: in-depth knowledge of the Spanish Culture of the period planned, as well as its historical, geographic and anthropological fields. - “Applied” knowledge and comprehension skills: students will acquire the necessary methodologies to understand complex and quite long texts, as well as implied meanings.


Spanish literature of the contemporary era (historical context, texts, genres, movements, and authors between the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries).
Contemporary Spanish novel, from the late 19th century to the present day. Particular attention will be devoted to the exploration of different narrative techniques and some female characters. Themes: The second half of the nineteenth century and the age of the novel; modernism and the generation of '98; the avant-gardes up to the civil war (the 1920s and surrealism; the generation of the 27; the Spanish civil war and the post-war period.
The course will be held in Italian and Spanish. At the end, the student must be able to express himself in Spanish at a basic level (level A2, in view of achieving level B1).
Felipe B. Pedraza et al., Las épocas de la literatura española, Ariel 2012
Fusi, Historia mínima de España, Madrid: Turner, 2012
D. Manera, M. Bianchi, G. Calabrese, S. Cattaneo, S. Trecca, Letteratura spagnola contemporanea, Pearson 2020

Part I - FEDERICA ZOPPI: The novel from the end of the 19th century to the Civil War, with attention to narrative techniques.
Pérez Galdós, Benito, Misericordia (ed. Luciano García Lorenzo, Madrid: Cátedra, 1991, o altra edizione alternativa)
Unamuno, Miguel de, San Manuel Bueno, mártir (ed. Mario Valdés, Madrid: Cátedra, 2003, o altra edizione alternativa)
Altre letture aggiuntive verranno segnalate durante il corso e rese disponibili su Moodle.

Part II – ANNA BOGNOLO: Il romanzo dal dopoguerra a oggi. Alcune voci e protagoniste femminili.
Carmen Martín Gaite (1925-2000): El balneario (1954)
2) One chosen from the following novels:
Carmen Laforet (1921-2004): Nada (1944)
Carmen Martín Gaite (1925-2000): Entre visillos (1957)
Carmen Martín Gaite (1925-2000): Lo raro es vivir (1996)
Najat El Hachmi (1979 -): La hija extranjera, Destino (2015)
Sara Mesa (1976- ): Cicatriz (2015)
Sara Mesa (1976- ): Cara de pan (2018)
Cristina Morales (1985- ): Lectura facil (2018)


Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Fusi, Juan Pablo Historia mínima de España Madrid: Turner 2012
Pedraza Jiménez, Felipe B., Rodríguez Cáceres, Milagros Las épocas de la literatura española, Madrid, Ariel 2012
D. Manera, M. Bianchi, G. Calabrese, S. Cattaneo, S. Trecca Letteratura spagnola contemporanea Pearson 2020

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam at the end of the course.
The exam will be aimed at verifying the depth of knowledge gained, the property of language, the skills of analysis and argumentation.
The tests are held in Italian or Spanish, at the candidate's choice.
For students of the Literature Course: if the Spanish language level does not allow reading in the original language, contact the teacher