Collecting linguistic data, Part 2.1 (2020/2021)

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cod wi: DT000014
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Maria Francesca Bonadonna
Maria Francesca Bonadonna
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A.A. 20/21 dottorato dal Oct 1, 2020 al Sep 30, 2021.

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Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, students should be able:
- demonstrate an understanding of the method and tools for constituting a specialized corpus;
- familiarize with terminological and textual resources;
- use a software for terminology extraction;
- apply tools and methodology in the language of their research project;
- identify various phenomena of terminological nature starting from a small and / or large corpus.


This seminar aims to present the main theoretical notions and application tools for the constitution of a corpus and for terminology extraction in a specialized field. The seminar is divided into two parts:
- the first part introduces the constitution of specialized corpora and the study of some terminological and terminographic theories that are at the basis of the treatment of terminology and specialized lexicons.
- the second part focuses on terminological extraction from a specialized corpus and offers some practical examples.
Attention will be focused on the selection, constitution and analysis of specialized texts. Some major issues related to terminological analysis will be discussed through new ways of accessing knowledge (text mining, digital humanities, etc.), as well as through the development and use of software for the analysis of linguistic data.

Assessment methods and criteria