Intellectual property law (2018/2019)

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Marta Bellini
Marta Bellini
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II semestre dal Feb 18, 2019 al Jun 1, 2019.
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Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide students with the most important principles of the intellectual property law. A particular attention will be given to the types of intellectual property protection that are most relevant for the Master’s Degree course which focuses on tourism promotion and communication. At the end of the course the students will have acquired the essential rules of this disciplines and the ability to consider and apply them in the tourism communication activity.


1. Intellectual assets: the new intangible assets
2. Industrial property and intellectual property
3. Copyright
4. Acquisition of copyright: contents and protection of related rights
5. The negotiation of copyright
6. The rights and organization of cultural events

We recommend using the indicated text.

1) Auteri -Floridia, AA, Diritto Industriale proprietaà intellettuale e concorrenza, Giappichelli, 2016, V ed. The study will be limited to the following parts: Part I: from p. 3 p. 58 Part VII: from p. 565 a p. 702 Part VIII: from p. 707 to p. 747.

or as an alternative,

2) Ghidini, Profili evolutivi del diritto industriale, Giuffrè, 2015, III ed. limitatamente alle seguenti parti: Cap. I, Parte I, Sez. I e Sez. II (da pag. 2 a pag. 34) e Cap. III, Premessa, Parte I Sez. I, Sez. II, Sez. III, Sez. IV, Parte II Sez. V e Sez. VI (da pag. 200 a pag. 307).

We also ask for the knowledge of Law n. 633/1941 and of the Civil Code to articles 2575 to 2583.

Any contributions will be indicated during the course and published on the reference page.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Auteri P.-Floridia G.-Mangini V.-Olivieri G.-Ricolfi M.-Spada P Diritto industriale. Proprietà intellettuale e concorrenza (Edizione 5) Giappichelli 2016 9788892103962

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consists of a written test.
The questions are aimed at verifying the knowledge of the basic notions of intellectual property law and of the existing forms of protection.