English language 3. Language and translation (2017/2018)

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Sharon Hartle
Sharon Hartle
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Semester 2 dal Feb 26, 2018 al Jun 9, 2018.

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

To take the final exam of this course students must have taken and passed:
• English Language 2
• English Level C1: complete test at the CLA (computer test i written and oral tests. )
• English Literature and Culture 2

The English Language 3 course in Language and translation aims firstly to sensitize students to language at the level of texts and secondly to highlight different approaches to translation in the XXI Century (including the use of corpora and machine translating). The course also aims to develop an awareness of the importance of lexical grammar in the translation of differeing contextual registers.
The final aim is to enable students either reach or maintian a productive linguistic competence level of C1 according to the Common European Framework Guidelines.

Note: the full list of bibliographical references has not yet been completed.


- deep reading of texts: going beyond the sentence
- the study of lexical grammar: collocation, colligation and semantic prosody
- a focus on aspects of both content and dicourse analysis
- The analysis of different text types, registers and genres
- the study of metaphor both in spoken and written English
- The study of theoretical aspects of translation: translation strategies
- The study of practical aspects of translation (corpora and machine translation.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
David Bellos Is That a Fish in Your Ear? Penguin Books 2011 978-0-141-96962-6 This book is recommended for further reading
Christopher Taylor Language to Language Cambridge University Press 1998 0-521-59723-4

Assessment methods and criteria

The final exam will be a written test based on topics dealt with in class. The test consists of 8 questions of three types:
open or multiple choice questions about the topics covered in class and practical questions where students are asked to translate.

The final mark of this exam is made up of the mark awarded for the written exam together with the Complete C1 test taken at the CLA. The latter to be conversted according to the CLA tables. Students with language certificate from external organisations must obtain a certificate in advance from the CLA which attests validity before they take the exam.

Prerequisites: English Language 2; English Literature and Culture 2; Complete C1 (computer test, written and oral tests)