English language 3. Language and translation (2016/2017)

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Roberto Cagliero, Valentina Adami
Roberto Cagliero
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Lingua di erogazione
II SEMESTRE dal 27-feb-2017 al 10-giu-2017.

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martedì 10.10 - 11.50 lezione Aula T.3  
mercoledì 11.50 - 13.30 lezione Aula 2.4  

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The course aims at analysing how consensus and resistance can be constructed through language, and the implications of this for translation studies. The first part, taught by Prof. Valentina Adami, will focus on environmental discourse, while the second part, taught by Prof. Roberto Cagliero, will focus on political discourse.
The course will be taught in English.


PART I – Prof. Valentina Adami
Ecocritical Discourse Analysis
This part of the course aims at analysing the use of discursive and rhetorical strategies in environmental discourse.

Course materials
1. Critical bibliography
- Adami, V. “Culture, Language and Environmental Rights: The Anthropocentrism of English,” Pólemos 7.2 (2013): 335-355. (Rivista disponibile presso la biblioteca “W. Busch”)
- Caimotto, M.C. and A. Molino. “Anglicisms in Italian as Alerts to Greenwashing: A Case Study,” Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines 5.1, pp. 1-16. https://aperto.unito.it/retrieve/handle/2318/132379/14643/CADAAD%202011_Caimotto%20and%20Molino.pdf
- Lynes, P. “Ecologies of Translation, Translations of Ecologies: Between Ecolinguistics and Translation Studies.” Language and Ecology Research Forum (2012). http://www.ecoling.net/journal/4563035324
- Stibbe, A. “An Ecolinguistic Approach to Critical Discourse Studies,” Critical Discourse Studies 11.1 (2014): 117-128. http://eprints.glos.ac.uk/1059/1/An%20Ecolinguistic%20Approach%20to%20Critical%20Discourse%20Studies.pdf
- Stibbe, A. “Ecolinguistics and Globalization”, in The Handbook of Language and Globalization, John Wiley & Sons, 2012, pp. 413-418. http://eprints.glos.ac.uk/1913/1/Ecolinguistics%20and%20Globalisation.pdf

2. Primary texts to be analysed in class and/or individually by students:
- Davis Guggenheim (dir.), “An Inconvenient Truth” (2006 documentary film about Al Gore’s environmental commitment)
- Rachel Carson, “A Fable for Tomorrow”, in Silent Spring, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1962 (or any subsequent edition in English)

PART II - Prof. Roberto Cagliero
English and Ideology
This part of the course aims at analysing how politics and language are affecting each other.

Course materials
- Degani, M., "Endangered Intellect: a Case Study of Clinton vs Trump Campaign", Iperstoria 8, pp. 131-145 (http://www.iperstoria.it/joomla/images/PDF/Numero_8/generale_8/Degani_intestato.pdf)
- Del Gandio, J. "Occupy Your Education" (2011), https://mronline.org/2011/11/16/dg161111-html/ Italian translation http://www.iperstoria.it/joomla/contributi/15-saggi/83-del-gandio
- Franceschi, V., "Remembering the Reverend: an Analysis of Obama's Speeches Commemorating Martin Luther King", Iperstoria 8, pp. 44-54 (http://www.iperstoria.it/joomla/images/PDF/Numero_8/monografica_8/Valeria%20Franceschi_intestato.pdf)
- King, M.L., "I Have a Dream" (Washington, August 28, 1963) http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/mlkihaveadream.htm
- Macedo, D., "The Hegemony of English". Herndon, VA: Paradigm Publishers, 2003
- Macedo, D. "The Ethics of Linguistic Democracy in Schools and Society", Iperstoria 8, pp. 146-153. Available at "http://www.iperstoria.it/joomla/images/PDF/Numero_8/generale_8/Macedo%20originale%20English.pdf (traduzione italiana http://www.iperstoria.it/joomla/images/PDF/Numero_8/generale_8/Macedo%20traduzione%20italiana.pdf)
-Taronna, A. "Black Englishes". Verona: Ombrecorte, 2016

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