Literature of English-speaking Countries (2013/2014)

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Carla Sassi
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Other available courses
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    Modulo 1 6 I semestre Carla Sassi
    Modulo 2 3 I semestre Carla Sassi

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    “Bloody Foreigners”: literary representations of the diasporic experience

    The course will investigate the representation of the diasporic experience in four novels representing four different geographical-political contexts, through the lens of recent theorizations in the field of postcolonial and diaspora studies. The course will focus in particular on diasporic identity and its representation in literary texts, and will devote special attention to the notions of ‘home’ and ‘away’ and the re-homing processes that characterise the migrant experience.


    The course will focus on four novels in particular. Students are encouraged to read them before the beginning of the course.

    Set books:
    Ania Loomba, Colonialism/Postcolonialism, Routledge, ue
    Alistair MacLeod, No Great Mischief, Vintage, ue
    D. Malouf, Remembering Babylon, qe.
    Caryl Phillips, The Nature of Blood, qe.
    Leila Aboulela, The Translator, qe.

    Language of teaching: English

    Assessment methods and criteria

    oral exam

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