Lingua inglese II [Tur] (2013/2014)

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Anna Zanfei
Anna Zanfei
Settore disciplinare
Lingua di erogazione
II semestre dal 24-feb-2014 al 31-mag-2014.

Orario lezioni

II semestre
Giorno Ora Tipo Luogo Note
lunedì 14.30 - 16.00 lezione Aula T.8  
martedì 8.30 - 10.00 lezione Aula 2.4  

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English II TUR (2013/2014)
Teaching language: English

Educational objectives
This course aims at introducing the student to multimodal analysis and its application to multimodal texts in contemporary English.


From the English II e-learning website material and the book “Multimodal Persuasion and Ideology across media” by Anna Zanfei (or alternatively, from the book "Introduction to Multimodal Analysis" by David Machin) the following topics:

Resources for meaning making, modes and media, multimodal composite texts and videos; layout, salience, information value, framing; salience in verbal texts, information value in spoken texts and digital compositions; spoken English and written English, multimodal linguistics, cooperative principle in conversational turns; remediation and meaning making; multimodal analysis of networks of remediation; social actors, social actions and the alignment of the viewer/reader with the author's point of view; multimodal analysis of advertisement and corporate video TV commercials; multimodal analysis of webpages dedicated to tourism and travel, recontexualization of social practices into discourses; recontextualization in promotional texts, legitimation as a multimodal process, systemic functional linguistics and metafunctions; attributive, designative adjectives and intensifiers; textual metafunction: comparison and opposition in travel journalism; modality in promotional journalism; repetition and verbal foregrounding in political public speech and in journalistic interviews; modality in promotional tourism; interpersonal metafunction; supermodernity and its textscapes, linguistic registers, the power of words to trigger visual images: verbal text and its intermodal translation.

From the book “Contemporary Narrative, Textual Production, Multimodality and Multiliteracies" by Fiona J. Doloughan the following topics:

- From Chapter 1: Mode, medium, multimodality, resources for meaning making.
- From Chapter 2: intermodal translation, the power of words in triggering images and their cinematic interpretation: the Introduction to Great Expectations in words and images
- From Chapter 6: foreignization and domestication, places and non-places, and the cultural filter in relation to the industry of travel and tourism.

Modalità d'esame


Prerequisites: Lingua Inglese 1 (English Language 1); English B2 level.
The examination consists of a written test and a multimodal analysis based on the topics of the syllabus.