Literature of English-speaking Countries (2013/2014)

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Annalisa Pes
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Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Modulo 1 6 I semestre Annalisa Pes
Modulo 2 3 I semestre Susanna Zinato

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The course aims at introducing students to the main themes and theoretical issues of postcolonial studies through an in-depth analysis of representative colonial and postcolonial texts in English.


After an historical and theoretical introduction to the subject of postcolonial studies lectures will focus on the critical reading of some South African, Caribbean and Australian novels and short stories dealing with the theme of madness.

primary sources
- J.M. Coetzee, In the Heart of the Country (1977)
- Erna Brodber, Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home (1980)
- Henry Lawson, da The Bush Undertaker and Other Stories (1970) “Water Them Geraniums” (1899), “The Bush Undertaker” (1892), “No Place for a Woman” (1899)
- Patrick White, The Aunt’s Story (1948); da The Burnt Ones (1964): “Clay”, “The Letters”

secondary sources
- B.Ashcroft, G. Griffiths, H.Tiffin (eds.), The Post-Colonial Studies Reader, Routlege, 1995. I seguenti capitoli: Introduction; Chap. 2; Chap.5
- S. Zinato, A. Pes (eds), Ex-centric Writing. Essays on Madness in Postcolonial Fiction, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013. I seguenti capitoli: Introduction; Chap. 2 (C. Concilio); Chap. 5 (J. Thieme); Chap. 7 (D. Callahan); Cap. 8 (A. Pes).
- G. Wilentz, “Reclaiming Residual Culture: African Heritage as Caribbean Cures in Erna Brodber’s Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home” in Healing Narratives: Women Writers Curing Cultural Dis-ease, Rutgers University Press, 2000 (pp. 27-52)
- A. Lawson, “Bound to Dis-integrate. Narrative Interpretation in The Aunt’s Story”, Antipodes, 6: 1, June 1992, pp. 9-15
Reference texts:
- B.Ashcroft, G. Griffiths, H. Tiffin (eds.), Key Concepts in Post-Colonial Studies, Routledge, 1998.
- E. Benson, L.W. Connolly (eds), The Routledge Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Literatures in English, 2005

Non-attending students are requested to supplement the list of readings with the following, compulsory, one (optional for attending students):

- D. Head, J.M. Coetzee, Cambridge University Press, 1997 (chap. 1; chap. 3)
- S. Rowley, “Imagination, Madness and Nation in Australian Bush Mythology” in K. Darian-Smith, L. Gunner and S. Nuttall, Text, Theory, Space, Routledge, 1996 (pp.131-144)
- J.F. Burrows, “’Jardin Exotique’: the Central Phase of The Aunt’s Story”, Southerly, III, 1966, pp. 152-173

All texts are to be read in English

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral examination at the end of the course