Public Economic Law (2012/2013)

Course code
Francesco Palermo
Academic sector
Language of instruction
Teaching is organised as follows:
Activity Credits Period Academic staff Timetable
Modulo 1 3 I semestre Francesco Palermo
Modulo 2 3 I semestre Daniele Butturini
Modulo 3 3 I semestre Matteo Nicolini

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes


The course focuses on public law, on the analysis of the different legal traditions, as well as on the regulation of economic actvities, based on a comparative legal approach.



Assessment methods and criteria

The examination will be held as follows:
- all students will have to complete a multiple choice questionnaire;
- those who pass the written test will be allowed to register their grade;
- those who wish to try to get a higher mark can take an optional oral test which will focus on the whole program. The test will take place immediately after the correction of the questionnaires. If the oral exam is not passed or the final grade is not accepted by the student, the questionnaire will not be held valid for the following sessions and the examination will have to be repeated in its entirety.

Teaching aids
Title Format (Language, Size, Publication date)
FORME DI GOVERNO  pptxpptx (it, 91 KB, 26/11/12)
IL FEDERALISMO FISCALE IN ITALIA  pdfpdf (it, 156 KB, 03/12/12)
SENTENZA CORTE EDU CROCIFISSO  pptxpptx (it, 80 KB, 28/11/12)
TUTELA MULTILIVELLO  pptxpptx (it, 812 KB, 28/11/12)
DIRITTO PUBBLICO ECONOMIA - CRISI STATI  pdfpdf (it, 1691 KB, 27/11/12)
Schema su: Il diritto penale dinanzi alla crisi economica fra crisi del legislatore e supplenza pretoria. Spunti per una riflessione metagiuridica  docxdocx (it, 12 KB, 29/11/12)