English Literature II [CInt] (2012/2013)

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Yvonne Bezrucka
Yvonne Bezrucka
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I semestre dal Oct 2, 2012 al Jan 12, 2013.

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The course will analyse the cultural background and the literature of the 18th century in order to highlight the coexistance of rationality (the age of Enlightenment) and sensibility (the Pre-romantic age). Both these will contribute to a personal and unique subjective perception of the world which will culminate in the individualistic spirit characteristic of the pre-Romantic and Romantic period.


The ‘Invention’ of the Northern Landscape
In order to free themselves from the classical conceptions of aesthetics, English theorists formulate, during the 18th century, new aesthetic hypotheses which will give importance and free a positive reception of the ‘barrenness’ of the North. The pictoresque, Burke’s sublime, the Saxon-gothic and the English garden will testify the emancipation of English art and literature from their dependence from the, in itself already regional, Greek aesthetics. The picturesque will be read as an ante litteram ecocritical attitude.


- GRAY, Thomas, Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, 1751, Penguin or Oxford UP
- WALPOLE Horace, The Castle of Otranto, 1764, Penguin or Oxford UP.
- WORDSWORTH, William, The Prelude, 1799, Penguin or Oxford UP
- BEACH, Joseph Warren. The Concept of Nature in Nineteenth-Century English Poetry, New York, 1936.
- BEZRUCKA, Yvonne. Genio ed immaginazione nel Settecento inglese, Università di Verona, Valdonega 2002, parte 2.
- BEZRUCKA, Yvonne, “L’invenzione del paesaggio nordico”, in PIVA F., Il paesaggio romantico, in pubblicazione.
The course will be held in English

Assessment methods and criteria

English viva