Spanish Literature I [CInt A-L] (2011/2012)

Course code
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Andrea Zinato
Andrea Zinato
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Language of instruction
II semestre dal Feb 27, 2012 al May 26, 2012.

Lesson timetable

Learning outcomes

The course, articulated in two parts, aims to introduce students to the study of the main literary movements and works of the period between the 1898 crisis and the present day, with special reference to contemporary fiction (Lucía Etxebarría, Cosmofobia. Veinte colores de amor, 2008). Beside an overview of authors, works and cultural movements the course will provide a historical, social and political context.



Assessment methods and criteria

A single oral exam in the Italian language (focusing on both part I and II of the course). Students who attend the course regularly might be given the possibility to replace the oral test on part I with a written test. The oral test on part II will consist of reading, translation and discussion of the set books (part I and II). Students will have to show an understanding of the literary texts in the wider historical-cultural context in which they were produced. A minimum level of proficiency (B1) in the Spanish language is recommended. Students who cannot attend the course will have to study the same reading list, but are required to contact the teacher.

Teaching aids

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