English Literature II [Tur] (2011/2012)

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Yvonne Bezrucka
Yvonne Bezrucka
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I semestre dal Oct 3, 2011 al Jan 14, 2012.

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The course will analyse the background and some texts of 18th-century Travel Literature in order to highlight their ideology at a time when new conceptions of identity were being cast.


18th-Century Travel Literature: the Pleasures and Politics of Travelling

Testi - 3 a scelta tra:
- Lawrence Sterne, "A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy" (1768), Oxford, Cambridge, or Penguin,
- Tobias Smollett, (1766), "Humphrey Clinker", Oxford, Cambridge, or Penguin,
- Tobias Smollett "Travels through France and Italy" (1766), Oxford, Cambridge, or Penguin,
- Mary Wortley Montagu, "The Turkish Embassy Letters" (1716-18), William Pickering. London,
- Mary Wollstonecraft, "Letters Written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark", etext
- Henry Fielding, "Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon" (1754), etext
- Daniel Defoe, "Robinson Crusoe", Oxford, Cambridge, or Penguin,

- Y. Bezrucka, Genio ed immaginazione nel Settecento inglese, Unversità di Verona, Valdonega 2002, parti scelte
- Y. Bezrucka, "L’invenzione del paesaggio nordico tra Settecento e Ottocento", in F. Piva, a c. di, Il paesaggio romantico, in corso di pubblicazione.
- Mary Louise Pratt, Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation, London 1992, one chapter of choice
- Anita Desai, “Introduction” to Turkish Embassy Letters, a cura di M. Jack, Pickering, London 1993, pp. 8-37.
- Mary Roberts, Intimate Outsiders: the Harem in Ottoman and Orientalist Art and Travel Literature, 2007, un capitolo a scelta, one chapter of choice.
- Mary Roberts Sara Mills, “Written on the Landscape: Mary Wollstonecraft’s ‘Letters Written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark”, in Amanda Gilroy (ed.), - Romantic Geographies: Discourses of Travel, 1775-1844, Manchester UP, Manchester 2000, pp. 19-34.
- Wein, Toni, British Identities, Heroic Nationalisms, and the Gothic Novel, 1764-1824, Palgrave, Macmillan, Gordonsville, VA, 2002
- Chloe Chard, Pleasure and Guilt on the Grand Tour: Travel Writing and Imaginative Geography 1600-1830, Manchester UP, Manchester 1999, pp. 1-39, 156-172.
- Karen R. Lawrence, Penelope Voyages: Women and Travel in the British Literary Tradition, Cornell UP, Ithaca, New York 1994.

One chapter of choice for each of these books:

- Eric J. Leed, The Mind of the Traveller: From Gilgamesh to Global Tourism, New York 1991
- Elizabeth A. Bohls, Women Travel Writers and the Language of Aesthetics, Cambridge 1995
- Gerald Newman, The Rise of English Nationalism: A Cultural History, 1740-1830, Macmillan, London 1997, pp. 54-
- John Whale, “Death in the Face of Nature: Self, Society and Body in Woolstonecraft’s ‘Letters Written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, in Romanticism, I:2, 1995, pp. 177-92.

Si consigliano inoltre i seguenti ausili:
- J.C. Wells, Longman Pronouncing Dictionary, Harlow, Pearson, 2000;
- Collins Cobuilt, English Language Dictionary, Collins, 2001;
- F. Picchi, Grande dizionario Inglese/Italiano, Italiano/Inglese, Hoepli, 1999.

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Assessment methods and criteria

oral examination