Fables of the Law

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30 settembre 2014
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Battisti Chiara , Carpi Daniela , Fiorato Sidia
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Fairy tales, Law, literature

“Fable” is a brief tale in verse or prose that conveys a moral lesson, usually giving human speech and manners to animals and inanimate things. Fables often conclude with a moral delivered in the form of an epigram. A very old form of story related to folklore and proverbs, the fable in Europe descends from tales attributed to Aesop. The French fabulist La Fontaine in the 17th century revived the form with his witty verse adaptations of Greek fables. Fables have to do with the fantastic and can therefore imply fairy tales, legends, myths, parables, imaginative creations with a moral or educational aim. Also in the case of law and literature we can find literary/legal parables, politically correct fairy tales, a legal system inside a fantastic world, a legal message hidden inside a fantastic background etc. Moreover law and jurists are creators of “fables” on the view that law is born out of the facts (ex facto ius oritur) so that there is a need for narrative coherence both on the level of the case and the level of legislation This is especially of interest given the influx of all kinds of new technologies that are “fabulous” in themselves and hard to incorporate in traditional doctrinal schemes and thus in the construction of a new reality. IMPORTO PREVISTO RELATIVO ALLE MISSIONI Daniela Carpi (Fur Daniela Carpi) 2000 euro Chiara Battisti (Fur Chiara Battisti)100 euro Sidia Fiorato (Fur Sidia Fiorato)100 euro

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