Letteratura italiana per l'editoria e i media digitali (2019/2020)

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Fabio Forner
Fabio Forner
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I semestre (Lingue e letterature straniere) dal Sep 30, 2019 al Jan 11, 2020.

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Learning outcomes

The main objective of the course is to introduce to the study of Italian literature through the direct analysis of a corpus of texts of which the editorial history is presented; in particular, the student will know the main steps that lead to the publication of a literary work since the invention of movable type printing onwards. At the end of the course the student will be able to - contextualize, understand and comment on a literary text; - to look at the literary text as a complex organism, in constant dialogue with other realities and in close relationship with the publishing world that allows its diffusion and success; - move with competence in the framework of the Italian literary tradition and its main thematic and formal characteristics, with attention to the intersections with the European literature; know and use the main collections of digitized texts of Italian literature.