English Language 1 [Cognomi M-Z] (2019/2020)

Course code
Name of lecturer
Valeria Franceschi
Valeria Franceschi
Number of ECTS credits allocated
Academic sector
Language of instruction
II semestre (Lingue e letterature straniere) dal Feb 17, 2020 al May 30, 2020.

Lesson timetable

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Learning outcomes

This class aims at developing and consolidating students’ competence in the pho-nological and morphological aspects of contemporary English, also paying attention to their evolution over time. Students should also acquire a linguistic competence in English at a B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Prerequisites: in order to sit the exam, students need to be in possession of a linguistic certification attesting a B2 level, issued by CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo) or other institutions recognized by CLA. In the latter case, a CLA certificate will be issued for internal use.

- IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), phonemic and phonetic transcription
- phonatory organs
- phone and phoneme
- consonants and vowels
- place of articulation
- manner of articulation
- stress
- introduction to intonation

- lexical words and functional words
- morpheme
- word-formation
- inflection
- derivation
- compounding
- clipping
- back-formation
- class conversion

Lesson slides will be available for download on the Moodle platform.

NOTE: reference textbooks will be updated before the start of the course

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Kuiper, Koenraad and W. Scott Allan An Introduction to English Language: Word, Sound and Sentence (Edizione 4) Palgrave Macmillan 2016 978-0-230-20801-8
Facchinetti, Roberta English Phonetics and Morphology. A Reader for First Year University Students (Edizione 3) QuiEdit 2016 9788864642314

Assessment methods and criteria

Pre-requisite: B2 language certificate (Council of Europe). This can be obtained from the Language Centre (CLA) or from a number of certified language institutes (see student guide). Students must have obtained the certificate and bring it on the day of the exam.

The exam, which will last 60 minutes, will include theoretical questions (multiple choice or open-ended questions) and practical exercises (e.g. phonemic transcription) on the topics covered in class.

Evaluation: the final mark (/out of 30)is a combination of the written exam (50%) and the mark of the B2 language certificate (50%), converted into /30 according to the current conversion table.

Final note: the contents of the exam are the same for attending and non-attending students.