Italian literature and culture [CInt A-L] (2017/2018)

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Corrado Viola, Fabio Forner
Corrado Viola
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Semester 1 dal Oct 2, 2017 al Jan 20, 2018.

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Learning outcomes

The course aims at introducing the students to the study of Italian literary e culture by analyzing an author, a definite historical period or a theme who are historically significant, mostly for the comparison with the literary foreign traditions


Italian literature and culture outside of Italy.
The course will cover the image and role of Italian literature and culture outside of Italy. In particular, through the analysis and comparison of some Italian literary programs in some foreign universities, we will study the composition of our literary canon in some cultural areas and in some nations. The course will be completed by an introduction to the university study of Italian literature and to the methodology of humanistic research.

La letteratura italiana fuori d’Italia, coord. by Lorenzo Formisano, Roma, Salerno Editrice, 2002 (Vol. XII of the Storia della letteratura italiana, Salerno Editrice); particularly pp. 193-298; 637-742; 859-928. Those who don't attend lessons shall study also pp. 985-1109.

An anthology of texts for students who attend lessons will be provided on e-learning.

Reference books
Author Title Publisher Year ISBN Note
Formisano, Lorenzo La letteratura italiana fuori d'Italia Salerno 2002 Storia della letteratura italiana, vol. XII

Assessment methods and criteria

Written examination, that will be articulated in three open-ended questions with a limited number of lines. One of the questions will concern the commentary on a piece of work that was examined during the course; the other questions will concern the concepts discussed in the bibliography above.
Exam duration: 90 minutes.
It is possible to carry out a test in itinere.