Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures

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Access type
admission test, limited number
Available places
n.280 places for EU citizens and non-EU citizens residing in Italy; n.10 places for non-EU citizens not included under Art. 26 of Law no. 189/2002
1st Installment
€ 291,00
2nd and 3rd Installment
To check the amount to pay for the 2nd and 3rd installment see the Regulations on student fees published on Tuition fees - reductions and exemptions

Registration and enrolment procedures

PLEASE NOTE! Before starting the registration procedure, you should have on hand a scanned copy of a valid ID document and a passport-type ID photo that meets the requirements specified in the attached file, “ID photo instructions”.

--> If you are a new student of the University of Verona:

1.   Get registered on ESSE3: after registering an account, you will receive a username and password so that you can log in to the system. Please keep a record of your credentials for future access.
2.   Click on “Procedi con l’autenticazione” [Proceed with the authentication] and complete the registration process following the instructions online.

--> If you are currently a student at the University of Verona, log in to  ESSE3 and complete the registration process following the instructions online.

--> If you have been awarded a scholarship or grant:

1.   Go back to the online procedure ( with the username and password you used to pre-enrol for the test, click on the REGISTRATION button and complete the registration process following the instructions online before the deadline given in the call for applications.

Special cases:
Students with a non-Italian academic qualification: please visit the Foreign Students’ Office with all the documents relating to your foreign qualification.
Disabled students: please contact the Student Disabilities Centre
Students who can benefit from Law no. 118/1971: for a student fees reduction, please contact the Scholarships and Grants Office
Students transferring from another university: follow point 1 above, but wait to be contacted by the Student Administration Office before paying any fees.

NB: If you forget your password or have problems accessing the registration process, please use the Password and login management system.


First year requirements

B1 for English: computer test only (all students)
A2 for first chosen foreign language (if this is not English) and second chosen foreign language (French, German, Russian, Spanish)

ONLY for students who completed secondary school where the language of education was not Italian: ADDITIONAL TEST for Italian language (complete B2)

Levels will be checked in the following ways:
B1 for English: computer test only (all students)
A2 for the first and second chosen languages - at the University Language Centre (CLA)
Click here to see the notices and dates

N.B. Students who pass both tests with at least 60/100 will have fulfilled the minimum requirement tests if they wish to continue with those languages in the following year.

Test date
B1 English (computer test only) together with the admission test for the degree programme: 5-15 September 2017 and subsequent CLA sessions – Click here to see the notices and dates

Remedial courses
B1 English: CLA courses (first and second semester), blended learning intensive courses (face to face group lessons + e-learning)
A2: CLA courses (first semester)

Other certifications
N.B. These can be used to fulfil the minimum requirements for entry to the following year. However, external certifications cannot be used for the initial admission test for entry to the degree programme.
English: tandem exams or certified institutions – English language B1 or higher
French: tandem exams or certified institutions – French language A2 or higher
German: tandem exams or certified institutions – German language A2 or higher
Russian: tandem exams or certified institutions – Russian language A2 or higher
Spanish: tandem exams or certified institutions – Spanish language A2 or higher

Students need to have fulfilled the minimum requirements before they are able to take their 1st year foreign language and foreign literature exams.
N.B. Continuing to the 2nd year is subject to passing the relevant minimum requirement tests.

Admission test

Application deadline
August 23, 2017  - Hours 12:00 PM

B1 English computer test dates:
• 5-6 September: all day
• 7-8 September: morning only
• 12-13 September: all day
• (If necessary, also 14 September all day and 15 September morning only)

CISIA test: 7 September at 3:30 pm

Required documentation for public selection

Other documents (calendar, ranking list, etc.)

Notices and other documents